About Hearts of Stone.ORG

A Charitble Foundation since 2002

Hearts of Stone is a charitable organization, based in Phoenix, AZ.

Created in December of 1998 by employees of Master Marble Ltd., the founding premise is…“Pretend we have all the money in the world, and give it away!”

Since its inception, Hearts of Stone has been combining resources with various humanitarian organizations to positively impact the Phoenix, Arizona community.

In 2002 we created the first international Hearts of Stone project. This project, the Pura Vida No Pro Surfing Contest was held in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. Our mission “to develop the entrepreneurialism in at-risk children and to transform the organizations that support them”. Our organization has members from around the globe including police officers, teenagers, business owners, tribal chiefs and other generous human beings. As a group of citizens we believe anything is possible!

We come together offering the one thing everyone can bring to any project…ourselves.
Our vision is to transform the paradigm of at-risk children and the organizations that care for them to one of self-sustainability and self-determination. The core gift of Hearts of Stone is to provide an opportunity to children to contribute to other less fortunate children, organizations and communities. They can do so by their own efforts while guided by our organization. We are teaching at-risk children that they are the ones who can create a change for themselves through giving to others.

Previous Hearts of Stone Projects

Casa de Sueños Charity Traed Show and Auction:

Trade Show and Auction raising the down payment for Casa de Sueños; a positive home environment for the male teens normally housed in an orphanage in Costa Rica. Casa de Sueños is a place for them to safely become young adults while they learn to manage the basic necessities they will need to thrive on their own.

Christmas in April:

Rebuilding together Valley of the Sun staff and volunteers help fix-up homes and recycle building materials in the state of Arizona. Master Marble donate granite countertops..

Habitat for Humanity:

Building low cost housing, on-going projects in the greater Phoenix area by the staff of Hearts of Stone, Master Marble and HOS volunteers.

West Valley Child Crisis Center (WVCCC):

Created a new facility with eight separate casitas for children. Master Marble and Hearts of Stone volunteers donated granite countertops and created the Sponsor’s logo in granite for each casita. Benefited the non-profit organization and the community in Glendale, Arizona.

GAIN Events, Annual “Neighborhood Night Out”:

Enhances safety, relationships and economy of South Mountain Village Precinct by Mario Ancich, City of Phoenix Police Department. Provides support and empowerment to non-profits, children and the community.

Business Alliance Career Days:

An effort to introduce local businesses to high school students and assist them in developing an awareness of education, skill, work environment and workplace competencies required by businesses. Independence High School, Glendale, Arizona. Donna Davis, Jobs for Valley Youth, Hearts of Stone.

Maggie’s Place:

Assist with remodel of house of hospitality for expectant women. Master Marble donated granite for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Hearts of Stone provided support to representatives of non-profit organization that benefits the public and community. Phoenix, AZ.