We invite you to make your next demolition project more charitable--and you’ll EARN a VALUABLE TAX DEDUCTION!” Participate with us as we support local and global projects by turning your demolition project into a charitable contribution. Our organization offers a fantastic opportunity for property owners, builders and developers to make a significant contribution and receive a substantial tax deduction through our home or building donation program, "Donate…De-Construct…Demolish" (D3).


WHAT IS THE D3 Program? It is a program designed to assist property owners in donating a structure slated for demolition to our charity, (excluding the land), and receive a receipt for their donation to be used as tax deduction.Items on the property are recycled rather than trucking them to the landfill. Hearts of Stone facilitates the sale of all reusable items contained on the property for the benefit of the charity or charities.

HOW DOES IT WORK AND IS MY PROPERTY ELIGIBLE? The property owner and their CPA or Tax Attorney review IRS form 8283 and related codes to ensure the program will work for them. The form's instructions are very simple, easy to understand and follow. Hearts of Stone will inspect the property to determine the condition of the structure and its eligibility.

ARE THERE ADDITIONAL COSTS? The property owners are required to obtain, at their expense, a specialty appraisal to determine the value of the structure (excluding the land), which creates the basis for the donation. Zack Bunch has worked with Hearts of Stone as an appraiser for 10 years, and he is an expert with this type of appraisal. The owner should also expect the cost for de-constructing to add up to 50% more than a typical demolition. The de-construction is performed by Atwell Salvage and Demolition, Inc., a reputable business operating in Arizona for 30 years. Visit . The processing and handling of the salvaged materials is the responsibility of the demolition contractor. The additional costs, in our experience, have been well offset by the tax benefit the property owner receives.

IS THIS A DIFFERENT PROCESS FROM OTHER CHARITIES THAT ACCEPT BUILDING MATERIALS? Yes. We de-construct the ENTIRE structure and offer for sale ALL the reusable/recyclable components. Several local organizations accept certain items and offer limited tax deduction opportunities.

IS THIS A COMPLICATED PROCESS? No it is not! We’ll handle all the details. All the owner has to do is:

1. Contact us at or to schedule a walk through and determine if the property qualifies as a donation candidate.

2. Contact Zack Bunch, The Bunch Company Real Estate Services, LLC.,, (O) 480-515-3707 (C) 602-702 2318 for an appraisal and we will contact Atwell Salvage and Demolition to provide a proposal for de-construction.

3. Complete the IRS Form 8283 to donate the structure to Hearts of Stone.

We are looking for reusable items in appropriate condition that can be sold to benefit the charity (s).

WHEN SHOULD I CONTACT HEARTS OF STONE? We recommend that you contact us immediately if you are contemplating the demolition of your structure. The sooner we can get involved and evaluate the property, the more integrated the deconstruction process will be in the project’s timeline.

HOW MUCH TIME WILL THIS ADD TO MY DEMOLITION/BUILDING SCHEDULE? The normal time frame is 30 days to sell the items, plus additional time (determined by property type) to deconstruct the property.


When the sale is finished, items are quickly removed and prepared for pick up by the buyers. All remaining salvage is collected, the structure is demolished, all waste is removed, and the lot is ready for rebuilding.

Best of all, you have turned trash into treasure and everyone involved benefits, especially the recipients of your charitable contribution!

Please contact us for further information. Thank you, Steve Sanchez Founder Hearts of Stone (O) 602-267-1733 ext 205 (C) 602-380-7549